About MCRR

We are dedicated to the environmentally-friendly mission of making products out of reclaimed float rope. 





Reclaimed or recycled rope is float rope formerly used in lobster traps.  Loose in the ocean, it has the potential to trap, maim, and kill marine life, especially the Northern Right Whale.  In 2009, regulations were put in place that prevent the use of float rope for lobstering in areas 3 miles+ of land.  Tons of used float rope were destined for landfills throughout the state. 

Maine Coast Rope Rugs products are made from 100% reclaimed/recycled float rope. What does this mean? How does purchasing a reclaimed rope rug instead of a new rope rug make a difference?

Rope mats are much easier to make from new rope. The process of using reclaimed rope involves retrieving, sorting by color and size, weaving tangled piles of rope, washing, drying and finishing the completed product. But here is why we think you may want to join us in using 100% reclaimed rope products in your home and business: 

  • When float rope is retrieved from the ocean or no longer is in use in traps, it generally becomes landfill which is a problem as it is virtually indestructible.  
  • While being virtually indestructible is not a good thing for landfill, it is an excellent property for a doormat, rug or runner.  Our mats, rugs, and runners are durable, water and weather-resistant, and indestructible.  
  • Because lobster trap float rope comes in many different colors this allows us to provide you with a variety of color combinations for your mats, rugs, and runners.  Our inventory of available designs changes based on the reclaimed rope we have found available.  

Please join us in our mission and buy our Maine-made 100% reclaimed/recycled rope products from Maine Coast Rope Rugs!